Licensed Chakradance™ Facilitator

I offer ongoing group workshops at Wonderworks (25 Baldwin Street) in Toronto, a Dancing the Creative Path Retreat in July 2016, and I am available for Women’s groups.


  • Chakradance™ Sampler (15 minutes)

  • Chakradance™ Intro (1 hour format)

  • Chakradance™ Intro (1.5 hour format)

  • Chakradance™ Soul Spa  (2.5 hour format, includes group Samhara™ Reiki, and water blessing ritual)

  • Chakradance™ Intro (1.5 hour format en Espagnol – Coming Soon)

  • Chakradance™ 9 Week Awakening Cycle

  • Chakradance™ 9 Week Journeying Cycle (2 hour format – Coming Soon)

For further info visit the Chakradance site: Pollyanna Chakradance Facilitator

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DANCE healing from Australia

for your soul

Chakradance™ founded by Natalie Southgate from Australia is a dance of self-discovery and healing. As energetic beings, surrounded by an energy field known as the aura, we have seven major chakras that influence the various aspects of our lives, informing the state of our aura; the dynamic energetic matrix that includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the self.

In a darkened-room, lit by candle-light, with eyes lowered or closed, we move to the vibrations of each chakra, making a connection with our inner world of imagination, feelings, intuition and senses. Free-flowing movements are combined with particular frequencies of sound, meditation, guided visualization, and ‘mandala art’.

Inspired by the wisdom of Jungian psychology, you can dance the forgotten parts of yourself back into the conscious world, finding nourishment for your true self, for your soul. Chakradance™ frees the energy in your body, opening you to a deeper experience of life – each dance leading you closer to the person you are truly meant to be.



Stand alone events are offered in a few different formats to suit your needs.

The 15 Minute Sampler is a perfect fit for a trade show demo or a corporate office lunch break.

The 1 hour Intro format works well for events with multiple presenters delivering their offerings over an afternoon or evening.

The 1.5 hour Intro format is ideal for women’s groups as a single group event and is perfect for getting ready to commit to commencing your Chakradance™ practice more seriously.

NOTE: For private events host will provide and arrange a suitable space, collect all payments one week in advance, and confirm booking with Pollyanna. Please notes funds are non-refundable one week before event.


The 9 Week Awakening Workshop Cycle format consists of 9 x 90 minute workshops. This format begins with an Introduction class followed by a class focusing on dancing one of the 7 chakras each week, and the cycle concludes with an Integration Dance. The Awakening Cycle is perfect for the person newer to the Chakradance™ practice who wishes to deepen self-awareness as it involves more guided imagery while dancing.

The 9 Week Journeying Cycle format consists of 9 x 120 minute workshops and  is ideal for the more experienced Chakradancer who is looking for a very deep meditative experience, as the emphasis is on self-guided inner vision through movement, in place of guided imagery.


Launching in January 2017 the Dancing the Creative Path Retreat will have a Chakradance™ Awakening Cycle format as its core offering. A 5 day retreat from July 20 – 24 at the holistc boutique HOTEL B, in beautiful sunny Cozumel, Mexico this unique experience offers you the opportunity to truly blossom from within. Discover a deeper sense of your feminine self while basking in the nurturing energy of Cozumel’s warmth, natural beauty, and ancient Mayan wisdom.

Explore the local culture and cuisine, visit sacred sites, harmonize with nature, practice restorative and supportive daily rituals. Gift yourself with the sustenance your soul needs to birth your creative self by tapping into your own inner wisdom and knowing.

  • What an amazing journey through the 9 week Chakradance Cycle. The environment Pollyanna created was a warm, supportive, and safe one. I don’t think I’ve ever danced so freely! It touched my core, and I’ll never be the same.

    – Sue Chhina

  • Since your classes I’ve been SINGING IN MY SLEEP! I’ve been dancing in the coffee shop while waiting in line. . .and in general I feel lighter and more at peace with myself in the world.

    – Chris Johnstone

  • Self expression through dance contributes to loving self-acceptance. Get ready to shed the layers which prevented or made you too self-conscious to DANCE!

    – Lina Raffoul